Greetings, my name is Jose Luis Guardado Sandoval and I am attending California State University, Fullerton. I am 18 years of age and the oldest of three brothers. I was born in Jalisco, Mexico but was brought to the United States at the age of one. Growing up in a small humble neighborhood, made me fall in love with its culture. My barrio has fed me with wisdom, the kind of wisdom schools cannot teach. Now I feel that it is my duty to to give back to it.  Like many barrios, the Buena Clinton Area, located in the city of Garden Grove, has suffered through poverty, crimes, and the abuse by the local authorities. Although this block was considered the worst slum in Orange County, many people outside of Garden Grove did not pay much attention to the issue because well… it wasn’t Santa Ana. Since I am a resident of this area, I have been able to identify the true problems that still haunt my neighborhood. Yes, I agree with the fact that many improvements have been done to better the lives of those who reside in this area, but even today inhumane experimentation is practiced amongst these residents. This includes but it is not limited to the following: an increase in police patrol, constant switching in school policy, limiting resources, numerous liquor stores, nearby adult book stores, strip clubs, lethal chemicals within apartment complexes, etc… There is gang activity but once I begin to address the issues thoroughly, there will be an answer to why gang activity is present.

Here is a song by Blaze Daily Krew, a group of young men that rap for B.C.A. (Contains strong language).



About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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  1. Damian says:

    Good analysis of your Barrio brother! Buenas Vibras as you continue to work!

  2. twinster says:


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