My name is Humberto Rojas and this semester I will be bringing my barrio, “JORNALEROS” a voice and respect so people can understand the meaning and importance of their hard work in this country full of dreams and opportunities. SOCIETY needs to understand and learn that besides standing in the hot or cold weather waiting for a job opportunity. JORNALEROS have many struggles that they face day by day.

We have all seen a JORNALERO standing at a corner of Home Depot, Lowes, or U-Haul locations. But why do JORNALEROS get judge by society when they are really doing nothing wrong, but simply looking for someone to give them a job opportunity. The movie shown above called “A Better Life” tells the story about a Mexican JORNALERO father who simply wants to be a better person and give his child the opportunities he never had.

THANK YOU all who will follow me this semester and learn more about my Barrio, JORNALEROS and show ignorant people the meaning of their hard work!!!!!!!!


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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  1. Carmen Navarrete says:

    Great introduction to the topic that you will be discussing throughout the semester. The film you have chosen sets a perfect example to how the JORNALERO society performs and works their way around the American society. I look forward to your future postings and by the way great topic you have chosen this is a small population that surrounds orange county.

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