Greetings everyone!

How do you do?Good, I hope. My name is Dora Armenta and I am a senior here at CSUF with a major in Sociology  and a minor in  Chican@ studies. My parents were born and raised in Puruandiro, Michoacan and I was born in Fresno, California but raised in Porterville, CA.  I am the middle child of my familia and sometimes la mas consentida.

Growing up in middle-of-nowhere, California, I never experienced too much diversity. Porterville was predominantly Mexican and Catholic, so queer issues were hardly a topic broached or acknowledged. For this course (which by the way I’m thrilled to take and I’m not just saying that to get brownie points from the profe) I decided to explore the concealed world of Latina lesbians in Orange County.

This population seems to be severely hidden, invisible, and many times non-existent- just as it did in Porterville (with the exception of the ostentatious gay boy in my French class).   In comparison to L.A. County which houses the flamboyant West Hollywood and the colorful Long Beach that proudly display waving rainbow flags down their boulevards, Orange County doesn’t flaunt its gay community to the same degree or esteem.  There are a few places in the O.C. that caters to the gay population- and when I say few I mean…I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

One of my favorite queer Chicanas: the strong and beautiful Gloria Anzaldua.

So my question is, where is your gay population Orange County?

Upon further inspection, there is an obvious realization that even within the perimeters of those two and few open  welcoming areas, there is a clear recognition that those establishments predominantly cater to gay men. So the real question is; where are all the lesbians at/ Donde estan las mujeres? And the Latinas to be specific?

They are here, I know it. I guess they are just hiding.

So, this semester through this course I will embark on a journey to find out more about the lives of Latina lesbians in the Orange County. How do they feel living in such a conservative place? Where do they hang out? How are their experiences as Latinas and lesbians unique? Are there any support groups? Through interviews and some investigation I hope to answer these questions and more.

They’re queer and they are here- So stick around to see it all!

Dora la Exploradora

( I guess I could put that title to work now)

Also enjoy I hope you enjoy this comic strip, I found it humorous.

oh how the times have changed...or have they??


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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  1. Damian says:

    i love that painting of Anzaldua!!! Check out Cherrie Moraga “Diggin up the dirt” was Lesbiana Chicana teatra right here in the OC

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