My name is Cindy Robles, I am a first generation Mexican-American from Santa Ana. I am number three of six children and the first to pursue higher education. I am a Communications major concentrating in Print Journalism at Cal State Fullerton. I fell in love with news writing at the age of 11, when I took my first Journalism class and began writing for The Astro Times at Carr Intermediate, I continued at Valley High School’s The Falcon and The city of Santa Ana’s Youth in Action Magazine. I took my first Chicano Studies course as a freshman to satisfy a General Education Requirement… and I just kept taking more Chicano Studies classes. I felt as though I had been deprived of such great history in my early education. The history of the Chicano in the United States is not one that always been acknowledged and often left hidden in the shadows of this country’s history.

Hermanas Unidas de CSUF volunteers.

In 2006 I joined Hermanas Unidas de CSUF, a latina based organization that strives for latina success and whose mission is to provide resources and leadership opportunities for predominately latina college students and alumni by participating in and organizing three pillars; community service, academics, and social networking.

It was through a community service  when I first volunteered at a Veteran’s Day Celebration honoring Mexican-American Vetreans.It was held at Cal State Fullerton and sponsored by Latino Advocates for Education Inc. It was such an amazing experience to spend a day with such an interesting group. They had so much to say and so many stories to share with us.

This semester I have been given the opportunity to report on a minority group within a minority group which has been historically segregated and often forgotten. Forgotten not only in the history books we grew up reading, but by the media as well. I will focus on Mexican-American Veterans, specifically in Orange County.

Mexican-American veterans' personal belongings on display.

There has not been much information available in the past on this subject, but I will collect information from that which has already been published and through personal interviews I will conduct myself. I will not only contribute weekly blog posts, but I will attempt to create some multimedia projects with audio, pictures and/or video.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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  1. anthony mariscal says:

    As an active duty senior Non Commissioned Officer in the United States Army, I’d like to thank you for what YOU are doing. I am a 3 time Combat Veteran and am forwardly deployed for my 4th tour.
    I was told stories of Mexicans serving in the Army during past conflicts, and the disrespect they received on their return home. I make it my personal mission to be brown and proud, AND be the professional that others try to emulate. Even in this day in age, I hear racism against Mexicans. One day I happened to walk in on it… Let me tell you, I was absolutely professional, and told these people that hard work, perseverance, and resilience is in our blood, and if they had something to say, to stand at parade rest, request to speak to me, then if I had the time, they could speak. The room was quiet… I do not brag, nor do I hunt medals. I am highly decorated and have advanced in my career field faster than anyone I know, and I haven’t even hit my 30’s. Anyways, sorry to talk your ear off. I think it’s right on to hear our youth taking an interest in this topic. Believe it or not, I do what I do not because I am a proud flag waver; I do it to instill pride in my son. Pride that daddy listens to Los Tucanes de Tijuana, but is quick to answer the call to arms, attend the toughest and most challenging schools the Army has to offer, and end up being a Senior Instructor in them.
    Muchisimas Gracias.

    Thank you for your service…and that of your family!

    @ CINDY Robles:
    I commend you for selecting to learn more about the sacrifices and contributions of our Latino/Hispanic And Mexican-American Veterans.
    Check out our veterans website here in Orange County.
    UMAVA (United Mexican-American Veterans Association)

    or more precisely, check: “Hispanics in America’s Defense” a 1982 study by the US Dept of Defense.

    Francisco J. Barragan
    Commander, UMAVA
    Served US Marines (1987-1994) & CA Army National Guard (1994-1997)
    Business & Community Leader

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