Hola!!! I’m Vanessa Espitia, an Anthropology and Chican@ Studies major at Cal State Fullerton, and also your local correspondent for the Latino and Chicano art based in Orange County. As a museum junkie and art fanatic, I have documented that art is a very essential aspect in society that helps people express their emotions, creativity, political issues, perspectives, and moralities. The few questions that I want to address are: What interaction does the Latino community have with the art form? And what influences and results has the art-form conveyed on the artist? The mixed methods that I intend to use for my research are the following: participation observation (interviews, observations, and contribution), photographs, video, and audio.

Emigdio Vasquez- Chicano painter/muralist.

Currently, Cal State Fullerton’s Begovich Gallery is exhibiting the work of Emigdio Vazquez, a CSUF alumnus, and also a pioneer in the Chican@ movement in Orange County I might add, which is pretty freakin’ chido! Emigdio Vazquez’s work is currently featured at the Begovich Gallery through September 29, so be sure to take a stroll and check it out before it’s too late, or else you’ll be sorry! 🙂 For more information on Emigdio Vazquez’s art exhibition please follow and click on the photograph on the left.

P.S. I admire and enjoy various and numerous types of art, but even more when I continue to learn about Chicano and Latino art as I venture and further my research throughout the semester since I’m yet not fully well-versed about this style of art. If any of you OC Barrios fanatics out there know of any cool Latino and Chicano artist based in Orange County that I should check out…. Please feel free to let me know. Gracias and Hasta Luego!


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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  1. Damian says:

    Vanessa!!! Let’s chill one day i have a spot!

  2. horea- says:

    hi Vanessa

    if u visited Clarion Alley in San Francisco, your e-mail had a typo and i could not send you and the group the info about the Romanian text mural – please follow up at horea 2007 at g mail. thanks. it was interesting to discover this blog looking for you. if this is not you, …

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