Trudging slowly over U.S. land, back to the streets where your identity was stolen, this is the anglo town that they forgot was all brown, la naranja, come, come, come demographical bomb, “Everyday is like Sunday”. Indeed, everyday is like Sunday but rather than silent and gray it is vibrant and brown, especially when St. Morrissey is around. With concert tickets in hand all the greasers and “betties” in their regalia enter mass to hear the melodic homily. As doctrinal songs fill the air, tears fill the eyes of those touched by his comforting words, he understands and he is here as a saviour from marginalization, from alienation, from the absence of love.

In Moz We Trust



His name is Stephen Patrick Morrissey, better known as Morrissey, whose monikered name is Moz. He is an English singer of Irish descent and his songs have captured the ♥ of many Latinos. Formerly the singer of The Smiths, he has continued as a solo artist for over a decade. While the relationship with Latinos and Morrissey is no secret, there are still those who wonder about the origin of this affinity. Thus, I call to the fans to reach out and shrive yourself, profess your druthers to sport a pomp or a quiff and listen to the gospel of Morrissey. I shall make it my task to locate this barrio in an area not particularly affiliated with the singer. While Moz Angeles is the name given to the city which is widely known as the home to Latino Morrisey fans, my intent is to broaden this barrio so that it may give recognition to those Mozinistas who do not live in L.A. but in the O.C. I shall undertake this assignment by locating the spaces of adoration to which O.C. Latino Morrissey fans practice their Mozinidad, after which I will document the congregations and existence of these fans via interviews and photography that I will share on a weekly blog post.

My name is Diego Ceballos, I am a Chicano at CSUF, I am a native of Lynwood, California, and I am a fan of the Moz. My parents are from Jalisco, México and I am their second oldest child of four.

If you have not had a taste of Morrissey here is a clip to incite you onto his credo

Remember…Todos SomosMorrissey†


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

5 responses »

  1. Damian says:

    Nice piece on mOrriC!!! very lyrical and deep beginning!
    He is So hot! Esta Luz nunca se apagaro! We also share working class background issues as well as issues of ethnicity!!!

  2. Maria C. Malagon says:

    beautifully written, i remember a student at UCI when I was an undergrad that did a similar project as yours. I think she turned this into a senior thesis, I’ll ask the professor that mentored our projects to see if she recalls. Looking forward to reading your blog 😉

  3. Mellissey says:

    i love it! great angle, diego…looking forward to future collaborations.

  4. In the name of Morrissey, Johnny Mar and the rest of The Smiths…amen…

  5. Flor Lopez says:

    ♥’d not only in moz angeles, y la naranja, sino todo caliMOZtlan!

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