Research done by Humberto Rojas

Mojado, translate to English, WETBACK! Is someone who crosses an international border illegally either by walking through the desert or swimming the Rio Grande. Many of the immigrants who come to United States majority from many parts of Mexico, Central America, and Southern America get this label as MOJADOS. To understand the term of why, here’s a video I found on YouTube to get a better understanding of the word, MOJADO. The video shows images of immigrants crossing the border and a translation of the song to English.

Ricardo Arjona is a Guatemalan pop singer-songwriter who is a two time Latin Grammy winner. From his album “Inside” release in 2005, he had a song called “Mojado” that talks about how people migrate illegally to the United States. The song ‘Mojado” place first in popularity among pop charts, but also in the grupera music charts since Mexican artist Intocable had a participation.

Many of the JORNALEROS that come to the United States are illegal immigrants and are label as WETBACKs…….Mojados. ALL JORNALEROS have the same answer of why they come to the Unites States. THREE words….. “El Sueno Americano”, THE American DREAM. Yet, JORNALEROS don’t realized the struggles of finding a stable job, the racism and the discrimination they face day by day.


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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  1. Damian says:

    good work!! That video was intense! The words to the song are mas profundo!

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