I had failed to introduce myself and give an explanation of why I chose ADHD as my choice of topic for my research last week and truly apologize for it. Pero, like my mother would say, “Mas vale tarde que nunca.” My name is Yenifer Pineda and I’m from San Diego, Ca. currently residing en la naranja. I am a third year student at Cal State Fullerton majoring in Chicana/o  Studies and Public Relations. Mis padres son de Guerrero, Mexico and I am their second child of five. My youngest brother is my motivation to research on ADHD. When he started grade school my brother had trouble concentrating.  As much as we (tried) to help him it was hard for both, us and him, to keep him on track. We couldn’t help him without help. He needed help, we needed help. A couple years ago, my brother was “diagnosed” with ADHD, the label placed for his inability to concentrate in school work.

After this long introduction I’m going to treat you with a short clip of an episode of George Lopez. The first three minutes shows the difficulty a child has on concentrating on a subject. Here it was math, but the same can be for reading and writing.


My research will be focus in the Anaheim School District area. ADHD falls into the category of Special Education and according to Anaheim School District website Special Education is:

Specially designed instructions to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability, including instruction conducted in the classroom, home, hospitals and institutions.

The question is: who can refer a child to be evaluated for ADHD? The answer to the question is that the child can be referred by their parents, their teachers or by an appropriate professional person such as a counselor.

Below I added a link of Anaheim City School District Special Education Local Plan Area, a notice for the parents that can be used as a guide to understand the process it is taken to give their child all their benefits possible, starting with the definition, evaluations, parental consent and privacy issues.



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