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One of the top reasons why students drop out of high school is because of the school. The school doesn’t provide them with enough material they need. Having more than 30 students in a class, not enough sits for everyone nor text books is a huge problem. These students are not getting the same education and attention as a class with only 15-20 students, and each with their own sit and textbook.

As college students we start asking where does our money go?!?!?! Tuition keeps increasing each semester, and yet they are still cutting classes, teacher are being laid-off, and we get over crowed classes.Where is the money going?!?!?! But to a high school student what does it mean? They are attending public schools, and with their parents taxes they are paying for an education. But how much education are they receiving, NOW DAYS? Why has percentage of drops out increase? One important factor that determines how high or how low school dropout rates are, are the school its self. I was reading a the OC Register and came to a page where they show the drop out rates in high schools in the OC. I wasnt shocked to see the difference between city, I was shocked how high the percentage are, Santa Ana being one of city with the highest drop out. However, there was a huge difference between two schools in Santa Ana, and the reason why, is because of its economic background. The schools with a low economic background are the schools with the high dropout rates. Its time to take action, improve our school, help our students, provide them with enough sits, text books, and open more classes for students. Hire teachers that love their job and are willing like to make a difference in a students educational life. STOP THE DROPOUT RATE!!!!

I wasnt aware of the situation until one afternoon as I was talking to my sister, freshmen in high school, she was telling me. “that all her classes are crowed, and that there is not enough sit, that in her spanish class, two students are sharing one desk.” What is going on I asked her? And they are questioning why students are dropping out?  Schools with low economic problems are the school that we see with high rates of drop out and that’s because of the quality of the school. There isn’t enough text books to keep a copy at home, students have to share desk, and classes are over crowed, and if the students has a desk they are all beat up and written on. A school is like a second home for  the students they spend all morning and half of their afternoon and its a place where they don’t even have a sit to sit on?!?!



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