One of the best and most effective ways to inform the public about a certain topic is thru the media.  As informative as a book or research paper can be, they are not as appealing to all. The documentary continues to not only inform, but gain the attention a book might not in a more visual way.

And what better way is there to begin researching any topic  than by conducting a You Tube search, where I found out about this amazing documentary film on a World War II Mexican American Veteran entitled The Longoria Affair:

“Sixty years ago in Three Rivers, Texas, the only funeral home in town refused to hold a wake for Felix Longoria, a decorated Mexican American soldier killed in battle during World War II. Longoria’s widow was told, simply, “The whites wouldn’t like it.”

“Those words became front-page news across the country, sparking outrage and setting off a series of events that would come to be known as the Longoria Affair. The incident fueled the rise of a national civil rights movement led by Mexican American veterans, and bitterly divided Three Rivers for generations to come”

(Full documentary is available on Netflix to watch instantly)

Although this did not occur in Orange County, it sets a picture of what was occurring at that time. You are able to see what was in store for Mexican American veterans returning home from war.  I would like to further explore this topic among Mexican American Veterans in Orange County.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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