The Buena Clinton Area is located in the city of Garden Grove but borders with the city of Santa Ana.  Through residents’ testimonies, This was an issue in the 1970s.  The drug cartels and gangs of Santa Ana were corrupting this neighborhood and the city of Garden Grove didn’t really care. Santa Ana gangs were created for various reasons but some were created because of racism. This was not the case in Buena Clinton because there was a mix of Caucasians, Latinos (mostly Mexican), and Asians. Neighborhood members got along with each other very well despite the color of the color of their skin.  What I will post now is assumption backed by people’s stories since I was not granted permission to know how the gang started because this information is so exclusive.  Obviously, if members of this neighborhood were being victimized by residents of Santa Ana, then they were going to retaliate. So they did and impressively, they were successful. But once this group accomplished its mission, well it became an actual gang. They still have disputes with Santa Ana gangs because of the past but mostly of territorial issues. Gangs Mark their territory, which is usually a neighborhood or numerous of them and it includes main streets if claimed.


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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