As I begin to interview some baseball players from Santa Ana, California, I begin to learn some history from them.  I interviewed 23 year old Rolando Zatarain Noriega and found out about his history with baseball.  He mentioned that he began to play t-ball at Jerome Park (which was the baseball field mentioned in earlier posts).  The league at Jerome Park was Templeton Little League in which the professional baseball player Garry Lewis Templeton played little league himself. Rolando continued playing baseball throughout high school and still plays baseball for the Golden City League, which is also known as Sunday League.  His father, Rodolfo Noriega, also played and managed baseball teams for the Golden City League. I will be meeting with him soon so he can tell me about his baseball career in Sunday League.  Rolando also mentioned that his brother, Ricardo Noriega, has played for another league that is around Orange County that I have not mentioned, the Pacific Coast League. The Noriega family is only one of the many families throughout Orange County who have passed down the joy of baseball from generation to generation.


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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  1. Marty Grajeda says:

    Hello Miguel.

    It’s great to learn of your love and interest in baseball, especially Mexican American baseball. On October 15 there will be a photo scan of Santa Ana baseball players for the OC baseball book by Richard Santillan. I can send you further information if you are interested in this project.
    Marty G.

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