School DropOuts, it takes more than the  students to drop out, there is always a reason why? Many of these students have different reason why, but in the end, no matter what the reason are this affect everyone. These students are the future of tomorrow.

School: Not enough material for the students. The teachers don’t care about their students, and the environment of the school is not the best place for students to be. They have trouble in school, both inside and outside the classroom, for example  bullying. They have difficulty academically, with grades or its hard for them to focus during class.

Teenage Pregnancy: Each year we see an increase of teenage pregnancy, some of these young ladies have the support of their parents to take care of their child, as other have to struggle. There isn’t enough money for Day Care or not enough space to put their child in a Day Care.

Family Problems: Students have to help out to pay rent, bills, food, and ect. Therefore, they have to find a job to maintain their family and can not keep up with school and work. Sometimes the only work they can work in are during school hours. And when they are place in a situation where they have to decide, school or a roof and food. What will it be?  However, there are also  situation where their families don’t encourage their children to continue with their education .
Undocumented: Although we see a large movement of undocumented students in Colleges/ Universities there are also undocumented students that don’t graduate due to their status. Sometimes they do graduate, but return back to their homeland.

Besides writing on reasons why, I will like to know about the students that dropped out of high school and went back for a second chance. What made them drop out? What change their mind? Was it easy to go back to school?



About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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