To say that Queer Chol@ culture in Orange County is non-existant is somewhat of an understatement. Chol@ culture has never been a subject which our cultura has addressed improperly or not sufficiently. The Chol@s of the Chican@ community have not necessarily been highlighted within the community. Often they tend to be misunderstood, as well as inappropiately stereotyped. Families view Chol@s as not “part” of their communtiy. Community is described in many different ways from person to person and from group  to group. “Community” decides who is part of them and who is excluded, who they exclude and who they leave to other communities to deal with…

The Queer community and Chol@ community are linked by the oppression that both face. Queer chol@s are oppressed not only within the Chican@ community but within their respective neighborhoods and families. The Chican@ family views the Queer family member as the one who challenges the structures of the family. Queer Chican@s are the children who shake up and challenge family values. Chican@ familias have fought and struggled in order to be incorporated into the  familial mainstream by taking on classic American values the house with white picked fence, speak English, chase the American dream. The Chol@ is the one who denounces American values, yet doesn’t completely cling to Mexican culture. He straddles both realms and weaves in between two different worlds, one being the American society which criticizes and rejects them, and the Chican@ culture which does not fully accept them as one of themselves.

The Queer Chican@ in many ways weaves in between two worlds-one being the Chican@ community, but also the Queer community as well. People of color within the Queer community have always been present and have made valuable contributions to the movement as a whole, yet they remain hidden and marginalized with specific issues affecting Queers of Color not being addressed.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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