Research done by Humberto Rojas

Last week I mentioned the definition of a JORNALERO here in Orange County. However, what type of work can a JORNALERO do???? It can be painting, landscaping, tile, plumbing, carpeting and many other types of jobs that can be offered to them. The most popular place to spot a JORNALERO is at a Home Depot. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this scenario picture the following……… A car drives up near the curve and then the driver gets bombarded by an un-countable number of JORNALEROS all waving their hands and crowding the vehicle trying to get the job. This scene is what a daily JORNALERO goes through in order to book a job. The fight and struggle to get a job for a JORNALERO is a daily battle they all go through. At some point it can be very competitive among JORNALEROS to get a job. That’s not the case at a Santa Ana Home Depot I visited last week where many of the JORNALEROS visit daily as early as 6AM. I came across Jesus and Pablo both from Mexico from the state of Guerrero where competition to them is not among the group of JORNALEROS that stand there. Jesus believes that helping one another is the key for everyone to be employed for the day. Jesus has learned the basic as a JORNAERO that can be anything from landscaping to plumbing. However, his skill is painting and when a person drives in to a Home Depot asking for a painter, the group gives the referral to person who is an expert as a painter, and in this case it would be offered to Jesus. Pablo is not an expert in a certain skill, but has learned to do anything in order for him to get employed for the day. Here is Jesus(Right) and Pablo(Left),


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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