A child sits for hours in front of the TV playing video games without the lost of concentration. In school the same child is having difficulties to focus through school work. it would be easy t say that the child is on a stage of not wanting to go to school therefore doesn’t care of the work, the class, and the comprehension. Dr. Russell Barkley in article called ADDitude that it may be paradoxical on things that interest them but can’t stick with other things, like homework. He continues by explaining that ADHD disrupts a person’s ability to manage her behavior or to act with future consequences in mind. Children need  a form of motivation for willpower, self-discipline, ambition, persistence, determination, or drive. “ADHD disrupts this mental mechanism, leaving those with the disorder “low on fuel” in motivating behavior toward future rewards.”

A child should have short-term goals to be able to follow in a day by day basis, with patience and in their pace, soon the child will be able to pick up the schoolwork. recognizing them with a “good job,” “I’m so proud of you,” or a putting their improvements on the fridge are some sorts of motivations for the child to continue school with more concentration as it is with video games.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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