An undocumented student lives in fear, in fear from the Police, of drivers incense check point, termination of employment and lack of employment, but the biggest fear of all is the fear of deportation.  A student may get deported if they are stop by ICE, Immigration and Costume Enforcement, or some case the police. ICE or the police may ask for an identification, if they student does not show United State identification then this student is taking for further investigation. Their has been deportation raids in super markets, driver license check points, work place, just by walking on the street and most recently in entering a building.

Over the last years the deportation of Dreamers has increased more then ever. The Obama Administration has deported more people now then the Bush Administration did. In the article of Over 1 Million have been deported under Obama by Jeff Smith (GRIID) the author proves that “May 23, 2011, the U.S. government has deported 1,026,517 immigrants since the beginning of fiscal year 2009.” Over the last year this deportations have hit home, in Orange County.  In May of this year a student on Fullerton College was fighting deportation. Now in September a student from California State University of Fullerton  was detained in Miami, Florida. They are both fighting for stay in this country that they called home.

Ricardo is a student that currently attends Fullerton College; please hear his great story by watching his video

Ricardo is a future Titan, he is a hard working student and he is willing to give back to this country that he calls home. Ricardo had to leave the country by June 9 , 2011 but him and other people that care fought and they extend his case.

Graciela is a student that just transfer to California State Univeristy of Fullerton this semester from Mount San Antonio College, she want to become a Sociology instructor. Graciela was detain on September 10, 2011. I have not meet her but her story and her struggle is in this website. I really encourage you to read this and to sign her petition.

Stop Graciela\’s Deportation

Thankfully, Graciela has been released from the detention center in Miami. She is in California with her family. She was able to be released because a group of people knew her.  If no one knows that you have been detain then nobody will know your deportation and you will only be part of a number.  She is one of many students that are fighting to stay in this country, in the only country they know. She was released but her fight still continues, and her fight is our fight.

Deportation does not only effect the student but also their families. Over the weekend I meet a student that shared that his mother was deported 3 years ago, and do to this students statues he has not had the opportunity to see his mother. He did not had the opportunity to even say goodbye to her. He is now really afraid to even attend school because he fears that ICE may stop him at any time.

Deportation has also affected me, my brother was deported 6 years ago. Our family has always been really united. The longest that our family has been apart has been for 6 months and this was when my mom and I were here and my dad and brothers were in Mexico. His deportation broke my family apart, it seem as yesterday when I saw my mom crying and dad has upset because they heard the bad news that their son, my brother was detain and he was facing deportation. This event not only separated my family physically but mentally, both my parents fall into depression. They lost both of their jobs; we could not pay rent or even buy food. It seemed like a wave of bad things was hitting us one after another. First and the worst the deportation of my bothers, second the lost of both my parents jobs, third the car impound of my other brother because we fail into a check point while going to school, which at the time we only had one car, and much more. This wave of problems created a depression for my parents, both of my brothers and I. Yes we were in America but we became prisoners because we lived in fear. Every single day I use to go to school praying to god that my parents, bother and I would come home that night. Even today I can still see that the pain is still there, when my mother cries because his son is not by her side.

I am stating to overcome that fear, but it still-hunts me. I tell my parents every day before I go to school that I love them because I don’t know if I am going to come back home that night, because I may get stop in a ICE raid at the bus stop, or just walking down the street or any other location. We need to tell other about our statues, because if no body knows then nobody will do anything, and we will just become another number. Let me brave like Ricardo, Graciela, the young man that I meet this weekend, my parents and brothers and many other Dreamers and families continue to fight. Why should they be send to a place that other say is their home if they are home. This is the only country they know. Their fight is our fight, if they have not give up why should we.

La Lucha Continua!!!

This is only a couple of stories, there are Dreamers that are been deported from all over the country every single day, help stop there deportations by visiting this website and reading their stories. You can stop their deportations by singing a petition. Everyone deserves a chance, lets keep their DREAMS alive.

Stop Ricardo’s  deportation sign his petition

Stop Graciela’s Deportation sign her petition

Stop Matias’ Deportation sign his pettion.

How to stop a deportation?

The best way to avoid deportation is to get out of the fear and say, I am Undocumented, so if you ever get detain someone will know.


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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