Through out my research I have been able to branch off from some of the people I have interviewed to find new dancers to gain more knowledge from. This week I met with Kimiko Simpson who is a professional dancer and instructor for Casino Rueda. This is her story…

Kimiko Simpson grew up in the midwest. She was born in Wisconsin where a majority of queso is produced. Her mother is of Japanese descent and her father is Caucasian. She grew up in Wisconin and when grew up she got into Real Estate. After a while Kimiko moved to San Diego because it was a place where she felt comfortable since a relative lived there. In San Diego she found an advertisement randomly for Latin Dancing classes which included Merengue and Salsa. After she attended the first session she kept coming back to the sessions. After a year and 6 months, Kimiko continued the classes but this time just with Salsa dancing. Her instructor ironically was not Chicano but was French Canadian.

Kimiko ended up moving from San Diego to Orange County for a job she had found. She looked around for Salsa classes and she found a workshop nearby. The workshop she attended included Salsa, Cha Cha and Casino Rueda. After experiencing Casino Rueda Kimiko thought it was a lot fun to dance this unique dance. Kimiko began to talk to the instructor of Casino Rueda and found out she lived a mile down from him. The instructor began to take Kimiko around to Salsa places since she was new to the Naranja. Wherever the instructor took her, they would always dance Casino Rueda. Since she loved Casino Rueda so much she began to talk to the instructor and after some time they started dating. During the time she was dating the instructor she began to teach Casino Rueda as well. After sone time she founded Rueda Madness Dance Compoany and continues to teach and dance her passion of Casino Rueda.


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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