How is the life of a high school dropped out, 1 years after they drop out? how about 5 years? 10 years? 2o year?

Here is a bit of two stories of two of the housekeepers from work. Next week I will post the whole interview of these two and hopefully more.  As of now, this was just a simple talk I had with them when I was explaining to them that I was doing a research on High School DropOuts in the Orange County. 

Rosa’s Story

Rosa dropped out of high school at the age of 17, she was a Junior attending an Anaheim Union High School, school. She got married and her husband did not like the idea of her going to school so she deiced to drop out because she did not want to have problems with him. “Today, do you regret dropping out of high school,” I asked her and she said no, because that was the only way to leave her house and the life she was living at home. She doesn’t regret her actions but she would love to go back to school and get her diploma. However, its not easy anymore having to work and going home to take care of her children doesn’t give time to go back, and being a single mother with no high school diploma is very hard for her to find a job, because every job she has tried to apply for asks for a high school diploma. 

Mike’s Story

Mike also drop out of high school and didn’t receive his high school diploma. And now its really hard for him to raise his family. Having 3 children to feed, and only working 4-12 hours a week isn’t enough to pay him bill. He, himself, like Rosa, have tired finding another job but its not easy for them. Last month he was kicked out of his apartment and is living at his sister’s house because he didn’t have enough money to pay for rent. 

Here is a video of people that have also dropped out of high school and where they are at because of the choice they made.



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