Roman was the manager for the Marineros in the Golden City Baseball League.


Talking to my dad (Roman Briseño) about the project informed a bit more about his experience.  In the previous post I put a picture of my dad, sister and his compadre Jose Carrillo.  In that tournament they played eleven games and went undefeated.  I asked him about being a manager and in reply he said it was an easy task if you enjoy it.  He mentioned that he was manager from 96’ to 99’, four years.  The only thing that disappointed him once was that one of his teams lost a championship game by forfeit because not enough players showed up to the game.  Our conversation kept going and was telling me about his achievements.  I had asked him if had received trophies or awards and his reply was that he received about thirteen trophies for tournaments he has won with his teams, manager tournaments, and all-star games.  At one point he had to play three all-star games in one weekend which he was only able to make it to two.

My mom overheard our conversation and walks up behind us and hands me a small business card holder containing credentials.  The credentials are given to the players as a form of registration to the league and a team.  Then the player gives it to the manager who keeps it with him throughout the season to show the umpire that the player is part of the team each game. The credential shown here were form 97’ when my dad was the manager for the Marineros, which is the year his team forfeit.  My older brother, Armando Roman

Armando Roman Briseno as a minor in the Golden City Baseball League.

Briseño, was part of the team at the age of fourteen.  Although he was considered as a minor he was only able to play because my dad was also part of the team.  My brother past away in 2000 and I am only left with stories on how good he was.  He continued to play in Sunday Leagues  out of my dad teams and my mom would tell me that since he was a good pitcher, fans from the other team (wives, mom, sisters, daughter and friends) would yell “hurtful things” to him.  Pitchers often either ignore the comments or use them as fuel to continue what they are doing.  I thought that the players in Sunday League were rowdy because of the fights that break out once in a while, but I also found out that fans break out into fights once in a while as well.  Regardless of what goes on in Sunday League many players have talent and people notice by giving them either positive or negative attention.


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  1. LOVE the name of the post!

    • William moll says:

      Loved reading your stories… I have a lot of great memories of the golden baseball league… I played for 5 years for team Cordova in garden grove…at the time I was one of only 2 gringos on the team…2003-2007…great times and a very special bond indeed with each other on the team…

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