Wait, what’s this blog about?

            If you have been continuously reading this blog you might be slightly confused, first an interview, some background and then random information. Some people must be wondering where this guy is going!?! Rest assured loyal readers these interviews and statistical information is all relevant to barrio, or community of Latinos working in the American financial sector. It is important to understand their motivations, their ambitions and consequences. This postmodern society is changing rapidly. It seems as though every time we blink the institutions of America are being challenged and being changed hopefully the better. All micro communities of main stream society have to learn to adapt to their trials or suffer uncertain consequences.

            The financial industry has stereotypically been seen as world dominated by Anglo men. Now what were barriers for minorities and women have been overcome. As a customer of these financial institutions I challenge you the next time you’re in your local branch to see who is helping you with your transactions. It may the Latina, first in her family to attend college who takes your deposit while at the same time (and typically without your knowledge) is balancing corporate expectations, personal goals and her desire to break down further traditions. This teller has the world on her shoulders and relies on the support of her team, her barrio for strength to be the advocate that her bank expects her to be.

            This blog is not just about the individuals who put their nose to the grind every day to provide superior customer service in a fast paced environment. The refocus of this blog is about this specific barrio of Latino workers and what institutional constraints have been put on them from in their industry, family and the economy. Hopefully this will be a call to action among readers to seek change, embrace equality or at the very least be patient with those in the customer service industry…


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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