Con mi Paleta de Sandia

It amazes me what little research is done on Paleteros in specifically Santa Ana. More than 80% of the city is of hispanic origin.  Today, as I was driving around Santa Ana off of Flower and Anahurst Street, I encountered a man known as a Paletero for a Paleta de sandia. I also had the luxury of getting his approval for a short interview.  His name is Jose Cruz  and here are the questions and answers per our conversation:

What is your name?: My name is Jose Cruz

Where are you from?: I am from Guerrero, Mexico

How long have you been a Paletero for?: I’ve been a Paletero for 4 years

What company do you work for?: I work for a company off main street called, “La Michoacana.”

What is the biggest obstacle you come across when at work?: Dealing with rude people who harass me at times. Manly young Hispanic men. Out of the four years working, I’ve only been assaulted once with a knife.

What is the best reward as a Paletero?: Hot sunny days like today.  Whenever the weather is above 70 degrees, that means more money for me.



About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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  1. True I think we forget that this is are entrepreneurial people and they are successful at what they do so they do need to be research.

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