Earlier on I had interviewed Rolando Zatarain Noriega and he recently sent me a few pictures. These trophies are the ones that stood out to me the most.  The towering green trophy is the biggest trophy they have.  The trophy was given to Rodolfo Noriega (Rolando’s father) in 1995 and dedicated it to Rodolfo and his wife Adela.  Along with that trophy, Rodolfo received a plaque with his name and his wife’s name.

These two trophies are some of the others in their prized possessions.  The one on the left is Rolando’s last trophy which was given to him in 2009 for winning the championship with the OC Dirt Bags.  On the right side stands their oldest trophy that was given to Rodolfo in for the 1978-1979 Winter All-Stars.

Aside from the pictures sent, I was given the information that the family also has some newspaper cut-outs which featured Rodolfo in them.  The newspaper cut-outs are from Rumores. I thought that they might have some more information on the Sunday leagues they would write about.  I called to ask if they had any records of old newspapers so that I can continue with the research but unfortunately, they told me they don’t have records of what they put out that is over two months old.  They no longer write about the games or give updates about Sunday league.


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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