Here are some of the Question I asked; Brenda, Jose, Hydee, and Emanuel (the color are the answer each person gave me)

What grade where you when you dropped out of high school?

I was in 12th grade and it was my second semester, i think… and its been since 08 that I have not gone to school.

I dropped out when I was in 12th grade and that was about 2 years ago.

I was in 10th grade when I dropout of high school.

I was in 11th grade and its been 4 years since I dropped out of high school.

Why did you decide to drop out of high school?

My mom had gotten laid off and I was taken care of all the bills and everything at home. So it got to hard to do double shifts and stay in school so I dropped out my second semester.

I saw time were hard and school was gonna be more of a money issue.

I dropped out because I had 2 kids.

I decided to dropout because I wanted money and I didn’t like school.

How would you rate the teacher in your high school. 1-10, 1 being worse, 10 being best?

I would rate them an 8.

I would rate them a 5 because they would help and because they were very weird.

I don’t remember the teachers.

I would rate them a 7 because the taught well, but I would never pay attention.

How would you rate the campus 1-10, 10 being a very safe campus, 1 being a very bad environment?

I would rate the school a 9.

4, it was not a safe school.

I went to two schools, one would be a 7 and the other one would be a 6.

It’s a safe campus but stuff usually happens like every other school but I would rate it as a 7.

How has your life been once you drop out of high school (economically)?

Its been find but now looking for a job constantly so I can provide for my baby.

Ups and downs, up because I had some money for my bill and down for reason that sometimes don’t  have money to spend.

Not good at all… I wish i was smart and stayed in school.

It’s been ok, it could be better though but I’m happy for the moment.

Have you thought about going back to school?

Yes, I have so I can finish school, get a better paying job and in the long run have my son be proud of me.

Yes, because life got pretty hard. I been looking at programs to get both my diploma and get into college. I want to get in programs for auto.

Yes, I have and I tried for a week and couldn’t it was too frustrating.

Yes, I thought about going back to school to become a surgeon.

Each story is different but each of them have tired to go back to school or plan on going to back to school once again to improve their life.



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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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