No I am not going to talk about gambling. Rueda de Casino is a type of Salsa dance where you get to dance not only with your partner but with others as well. This type of dance is performed in a circulo.

Rueda de Casino was first developed in Havana, Cuba. This dance was designed for two or more couples. When more than two couples are present, there is a circle that is formed or rueda. Casino is developed from Contradanza which includes various couples and a caller. I have heard that one of the reasons why Casino was developed was because muchachos back in Cuba wanted to be able to dance with others partners. The only way that would happen was if it was incorporated into a dance that would allow that to happen. Don’t know if it’s true but is sounds like a good conclusion to me. During casino there is a caller who is the leads the dancers into different dance moves by either calling dance moves out or using hand signals. Rueda de Casino is huge in la Florida but in Orange County not so much. I had heard of Salsa but I just found about Casino a couple of weeks ago. I love how la cultura Chicana is full of sabor not only in la cocina but on the dancefloor too.


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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