Well as for now, my interviews are still in progress but I had to privilege to take pictures of this beautiful barrio. Some display the rich culture Buena Clinton practices and others, expose a darker side that still causes issues amongst its population but these negative ones will be discussed more in depth in the next post.

This is the Buena Clinton Youth and Family Center located on Sunswept Avenue. It provides several resources for the residents of Buena Clinton. Children are able to use this building to receive help on homework or if they just want to play with games already provided in there. Great place!

There was a Summer program in the Buena Clinton Center where kids, 18 and younger, were able to eat breakfast and lunch for free. According to Garden Grove’s website, the Center became active in August, 2009 and Buena Clinton is the youngest barrio in the city. (Just a fun fact). you can find this information on http://www.ci.garden-grove.ca.us/?q=commserve/BuenaClintonGrandOpening.

This was a mural done in 2007 and is located at Keel Avenue. The images are beautiful and were done with the help of teenage volunteers from this neighborhood. As one can see, it was done behind the basketball court which seems like a great idea and a source of inspiration. Some of the images, describe the culture of the barrio with the drawing of the “cucaracha trucks” and the mary-go-round truck. Sadly, the mary-go-round truck doesn’t come by anymore.

The gym was done recently, I believe this year along with the new playground which I will show on the next picture. Now they has become a treat not for kids, but for adults! Yes, every morning and night adults go rush to the gym for a daily workout. Usually, kids go in the afternoon but they prefer the playground. This is a place where people begin to meet others, make friends, exercise, and become more familiar with the area.

This is the playground remolded. Before it there were swings and monkey bars but everything was too rusty so it became a problem. I’ve taken my nephews here and they love it! In the back you can see another mural which is wayyyy bigger than the first I showed. The title of the mural is…




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