Last post, I displayed pictures of Buena Clinton’s present although I still want to get some from the past. Well now I will continue since I still need to explain a few more details about the pictures I took.

Yard sales are very popular in this neighborhood. I really want to thank those who let me take picture of their yard sales, since I got rejected a few times. One can find a variety of things from second-hand clothes to new shoes to home products and the list goes on. The majority of people who put yard sales are the ladies. It is truly amazing to see that these are hard-working women who work really hard to make enough to get by.

There are 8 apartments per building and 1 boiler per building along with a washer and dryer for the building as well. Hot showers tend to end quick before the cold water rushes in; and if someone is thinking about doing laundry, that person better wake up extra early or else he/she will be competing with the whole building in order wash.  Of course, the washer and dryer require quarters for their job.

It’s best to see this in person because it can’t really be seen here. There are two apartment buildings right next to each other. One is remodeled and one is not. You can also notice the difference with the mailboxes of each building. Usually buildings where housing is available, get this benefit while the rest won’t although they really need it. In order to get housing, the person needs a social security number, show low income level, and since the waiting list is long, it might even take years. Note that many people do not have a social security number and for those that do, gamble their chances on whether they can get housing right away or wait for a long period of time.  This also depends on who the landlord is. Is it the City or privately owned? If it’s privately owned, usually the landlords won’t want to spend money on remodeling their apartments. The ones who suffer are those who rent these apartments. Deepa Bharath, wrote an article called “Affordable Housing Project Kicks Off in Garden Grove”  for the OC Register, where she states that “These apartments were built in the 1960s and are not up to current fire codes”.

On the left you have the parking lots from the remodeled building and on the right, you have the parking lots from the building that hasn’t been remodeled.

Finally, what I wanted to talk about. This sign can be seen in many of the buildings that have not been remodeled.  The sign is held up high so people hardly pay it any attention. For those that do, they just ignore it. This is because they have no other place to go. They can’t afford to move out and give a down payment for another apartment that will probably charge a higher rent. Most of these people barely get by so they have no other choice.


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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  1. E. Arenas says:

    This barrio looks a LOT cleaner than when I used to live there. Lived there from 1975 through 1989. I might have some pictures if you’re interested.

  2. d sandoval says:

    omg im interested in seeing those pics i was born n raised here( 1989-present ) we lived on keel n then moved to sunswept its very true this neighborhood has gotten way better it was really crappy growing up but its gotten better not too dangerous either no more drive bys

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