Here we have an inning in the rain.  This game was cancelled after the 6th inning when Quintana (person who runs the league) began to cancel the rest of the games scheduled on the same day. Yet more than half of the game had already been played with on-and-off rain.  The rain makes it difficult for all the players on the field because the rain makes everything slippery, mainly the ball.  It has a huge effect on the pitchers, if you see the video you will witness the pitchers throw some wild pitches, since they are trying to throw as hard as they can.  On the batters side, the ball is heavier and does not travel as far as it normally would and it is slowed down dramatically due to the wet grass.

Enjoy this video of a Sunday League game in the rain. The first half of the inning was longer due to the complications of the rain while the second half is a lot shorter because I did not record the first out (getting that first out did not take long either).



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