I was fortunate to find this event vive voce from a friend whose cousin plays in a Morrissey/Smiths tribute band consisting of all Latino members. The show in celebration   of Day of the Dead at The Slidebar Café on Commonwealth Ave., starred this band, Louder Than Bombs, who are part of the Morrissey/Smiths fan scene.

The night started off with the sounds of “The Companies”, who are an indie band from Chino Hills which note The Smiths as one of their influences. After their set Louder Than Bombs, the main event of the night, began to approach the stage. By this time the audience had settled in for the show, and judging by the turnout I would say there was a diverse crowd.

In making some phenotypical observations I would say the age ranged from 21 to about late 30’s. With regards to the female to male ratio the show was heavy in male presence with the few two to three girl groups and girlfriends in the assortment. The energy of the crowd I would measure as pretty tranquil on a scale from languid to lively. There were those swaying to the music, some quietly singing along whilst bobbing their heads passionately, to the general crowd simply enjoying the music reserved or cool manner and the couple of inebriated fellows who were dancing joyfully to the music.

This was definitely was a space which displayed the Latino fans of Morrissey barrio in Orange County.


Here we shall see Louder Than Bombs performing at the Smiths/Morrissey Convention held earlier in May 2011




About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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