Research done by Humberto Rojas
The life of a JORNALERO is not as easy as it looks like. Besides struggling to find a job for the day, JORNALEROS face many obstacles as they stand at a Home Depot or any other places. The main obstacle JORNALEROS face is mother nature considering its unpredictable. Here in Southern California, particularly in Orange County the weather is an obstacle JORNALEROS face all year long and still manage to tough it out and stand there regardless if its cold or hot weather. During spring the weather could be decent, but during the summer is the most difficult time for them since the high temperatures can cause dehydration. Its important for JORNALEROS to be drinking water constantly so they can find a job and make it through their day. I spoke to a couple of JORNALEROS at a gas station in Garden Grove where I ask them how was it during summer since the high temperatures are between the high 80’s and 90 degrees.

Lorenzo, from the state of Guerrero said, “Me de gusto de que haiga gente buena y que nos brinden una botella the agua”. In other words Lorenzo said he was thankful that caring people are generous and bring them a bottle of water. I asked him if local people that pass by or certain people. He explain to me the members from the Christian community will bring water bottles and pass them out to JORNALEROS like him that stand out in the hot sun. Another obstacle JORNALEROS face is the recession in the last couple of years. Many JORNALEROS are willing to move where the jobs are and even considering moving to other states. However, the recession doesn’t stop a JORNALERO from continuing finding a job for the day.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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