Daniel F. Martinez

Greetings earthlings! This past Wednesday, November 9, 2011, CSUF’s C@SA (Chicana/o Studies Alliance) held their Dia de los Muertos celebration. Artist/muralist/illustrator/piñata maker/educator/fashion designer/hippie Daniel F. Martinez was in attendance creating Tortilla Art with CSUF students. Tortilla Art is when a tortilla is used as a medium with the rest of your other mediums to create something wonderful and creative. While I motivated myself to create some Tortilla Art, I had some amusing bonding time with Daniel… we just had a side conversation about the totalitarian lifestyle of America. I’ve been blatant this semester, so without any further adieu I present my tortilla art- I love the arts, but it’s technically not my forte.

My attempt with tortilla art.

Anyway, in my perspective, Daniel Martinez is a very busy man. From working at different colleges, creating murals, and amongst other stuff, he still dedicates his time voluntarily to teach and create art with children in the community.

Daniel F. Martinez

Daniel F. Martinez

I recorded a video of Daniel and I having a tiny conversation. Please excuse my lack of video recording skills. I’m about to reveal my secret spy identity, but in my other projects people haven’t allowed me to record them, so I secretly do it anyway, maybe I shouldn’t reveal this, but Daniel was nice enough to allow me to record him- I just lack camera holding skills. Although, I tend to not filter what I say at times, I don’t mean to offend anyone, sometimes. So I apologize in advance for anything.

After this video, I felt as if our conversation came out of George Orwell’s novel, 1984. I’m not one to speak about government conspiracies, and the social media, but Daniel really made sense when talking about where our society is going with all this technology, and the lack of privacy. i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and blogs! I’m not quite sure if Daniel Martinez was just super paranoid, but he was really cool, free spirited, and in my opinion, quite correct about life talk.

Daniel F. Martinez

Daniel emphasized in the importance of art, community, politics, and social action, and how people must come together as one and occupy what matters the most in order to achieve greatness, and stray away from Big Brother.

And finally, great things are occurring in Orange County. The youth of Santa Ana, CA are working towards creating a beautiful mural on top of a wall which is covered with graffiti. The project led by SAPO (Siempre Aprendiendo Pintar Obedeciendo), El Centro Cultural de Mexico and Santa Ana Building a Healthy Community are in dire need of help and volunteers. Please check out the OCLatino Link for further information at (http://oclatinolink.ocregister.com/2011/11/14/sponsor-supplies-needed-for-santa-ana-mural-project/), and go out there and show your support for the arts!



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