Me and Alberto


Hello everyone! This is Giselle Beltran and for this week’s flavor, I decided on eating a Paleta de pepino con chile (Cucumber with Chile) For those of you who haven’t tried this paleta, let me tell you, you’re missing out on some real good stuff.  You might think to yourself, how can a paleta taste like cucumber and chile at the same time? Well… you’re in for a surprise because the paleta distinctly and purely only taste like cucumber and chile.  It’s amazing because it also has little pieces of cucumber throughout the paleta so you can enjoy the taste in almost every bite. 

As I was roaming the streets of Santa Ana, I found this nice gentleman by the name of Alberto Vega.  He’s a Paletero who loves what he does.  We encountered off of Standard and Mc Fadden Street. Below are a few questions I asked Alberto as for as his profession. Here’s what he had to say:

 Where are you from: I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico

How long have you been a Paletero for: I’ve been a Paletero for almost 13 years

Do you own your own business or do you work for a company: Unfortunately, I do not own my own business but I do work for a company called, “La Michoacana” off Main Street.

What do you love about your job?: I love how I get to exercise by walking a lot and on a good day a few years ago, I use to make up to $200.00 a day

What do you dislike about your job: For the past two years, the money I’ve been making a day has been significantly low compared to the daily $200.00 I would make about 3 years ago.  I believe the reason why people haven’t been buying Paletas as much is because so many people are unemployed and need to save their money for other necessities. Now a day’s I only make an average of $80-100.00 a day. I hope the economy get’s better.


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