In a previous blog you can watch a video of a baseball game with Javier Manzano umpiring the game.  I had interviewed him and recorded after the game with audio only. He is sixty-three years of age and arrived in the United States twelve years ago.  Javier played only one game in Quintana’s league when an umpire was in need for the game right after. He stepped up and took the position of an umpire for the game and continued doing it ever since.  The team he played with was Tuzos, which is still around and is quite a popular team.  Javier had been a baseball player all his life and played in Mexico. He was in all divisions and even played professional baseball in Mexico from 1979 to 1981. He has been an umpire for Qunitana’s league for about twelve years now and enjoys every last-minute of it, except when games get rained out.  Javier umpires about four Sundays a month.  He umpires about three games every Sunday and four on certain occasions.  Each game is scheduled for nine innings which usually takes about three hours to complete.  In three games that’s nine hours of umpiring with the first game starting at eight in the morning to finish his last game at five in the afternoon.  From my experiences, I have seen that in each game each coach gives the umpire thirty dollars, that’s sixty dollars a game, 180 a day and 240 with a fourth game. Aside from that, he has another job as a cook but lets his employer know that on Sundays baseball is his priority.  To some people, baseball is life regardless of how you are involved with it.


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