¡Greetings! I am very excited to share someone super cool and special that some of you have possibly heard of. This wonderful and creative person makes my heart flutter, and I feel as he creates these amazing pieces of art by simply digging into my rustic tin box of emotions and chaos.

For the holidays I would like to introduce you to Canadian artist, Marcel Dzama! Yes, he is from Canada, but I promise he won’t disappoint! Marcel Dzama was born in 1974 in Winnipeg, Canada. Marcel uses many different types of mediums—he creates paintings, films, sculptures, collages, and much more.  Marcel received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at University of Manitoba, Canada, and has a limitless résumé with his pieces of art. Marcel has had many gallery openings around the world, has a vast amount of books that I can’t afford, has created wonderful costumes for music videos, and has worked with cool people such as director Spike Jonze, and did the artwork and album cover for Beck’s Guero. Honestly, the list could go on and on.

Marcel Dzama’s short film.

Marcel’s work uses faint colors, but his work is full of exhilarating components that give his work this sophisticated theatrical, dreamlike world filled with wild and chaotic elements such as ghosts, bears, radical girls, autumn themes, and cross-breed humans/animals.

Marcel Dzama

Marcel Dzama is my absolute favorite artist of all time, and I’m excited to share his art. In my perspective, most of his art is crazy wild, radical, dreamy, carnal, and romantic. I am infatuated with his work as I’m sure I would be with him if I knew him. Overall, his work is great, so if interested just google his work and more cooler stuff will pop up.


Marcel Dzama



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  1. Luigi Alonsi says:

    You have great and very exciting taste. I love reading your uniquely written and spontanious blogs, Miss Vanessa. Keep up the good work!

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