My Family is My Motivation

            Angel’s family has for the most part always been in banking. “Oh yea, different people here and there all over my family tree have worked for some bank, in some fashion. You could honestly say that it runs in the blood.” Many families end to this. Throughout time fathers have passed their trade to their sons, masters to their apprentice. So this made sense to Angel especially when he had his own son to feed. “Yea I didn’t actually want to go into banking. I thought I was gonna play baseball, you know I was actually really good at it. But sometimes you got to put your dreams asides especially when they could interfere with dreams of others.” Perplexed I asked Angel what he was saying. He sat back, twiddled his thumbs for a second, reflecting on what the best actual response would be and then finally said.

“You know when you have kids you’re whole life changes; its’ not about you, your significant other or really anything else. My son is my world. His smile is my smile, his laugh mine, his tears are mine. I would do anything to make sure he was happy, and right now that means working 9am to 6pm, five to six days a week in a profession that could make me a lot of cash to support his future interest. When my baby-mama told she was knocked up all I could do was slump back and think, “Wow time to grow up.” So I went to my cousin, someone I admired and knew could help me find something that wasn’t merely a job but find a career. He worked in banking and it was something my mom wanted me to get into anyway, now with a child on the way I felt this was a sign that this was what I had to do. I put down my bat, put down my guitar and started learning about banking products.”

As I sat and listened to Angel I thought about what he was saying. True even though I didn’t have a child I knew the feeling that he was talking about. We all have different dreams at one time or another, hoping that we will be called to the World Series, the Academy Awards, the Grammys, or in my case to the NBC Nightly News desk. However somehow reality comes with a vengeance and makes our goals merely something to remember as we push around paper. Angel now has a new dream. He wants his son to grow up and do whatever he wants. Now to make sure that his boy has every chance to do what he wants he works very hard at accomplishing his family’s expectations. He wants for his son to grow up and become a man who desires everything and finds great opportunities. Hopefully reality will be kind to Angel’s little boy, or hopefully he hopes to become a great fighter.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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