23 year old Jonathan Saldaña, a Santa Ana resident, has played baseball in Orange County for about eighteen years.  Starting off playing at Templeton Little League in Jerome Park, he followed his family tradition to play baseball.  His family had been involved with baseball for many years as his father, Jose Everaldo Saldaña, was the coach and his mother, Dora Saldaña, was be the team mom.  Jonathan was not the only the first son to play baseball, his older brother, Joseph Eric Saldaña, played and continues to play today.  It was not until Jonathan was about fifteen years old that he first played on the same team with his brother.  It was in Sunday League where they played together and have continued playing ever since.  Jonathan played in the Golden City Baseball League with the same team (Angels) whose core team members consist of Joseph Eric Saldaña, Juan Garcia, Abel Medina, Julio Villaseñor, Robert (Bobby) Vazquez, and Jonathan Saldaña. The team recently made the transition to the Orange County Regional Baseball League along with the core team members. As the question, “Is Sunday League just about baseball?” was asked, he gave a response that many people do not think about and do not know how to answer, yet Jonathan replied, “Is Sunday League just about baseball… I would have to disagree.  I think at some point it becomes a social event but, based on the people you surround yourself with… I mean if you are a player at heart you definitely want to win, so I think you are in a plus-plus situation when it becomes it being a social event and you win. So I think that what you have to keep in mind is wining and keeping it fun.” Through this, it is evident that Sunday League brings family and friends together not only as a team but as a baseball culture being a social event.


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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