Welcome to our fellow titans dancing and practicing Salsa. Kazumi Devries is the instructor/choreographer for CSUF Salsa. I told her story as a Salsa dancer not too long ago. I met her through Josh the President for the Salsa Club. I met Josh through MESA, an umbrella organization that comes together to support and promote all the Latin organizations on campus. I met up with Josh at one of their Salsa practices on a Friday night. Eventually, I found my way into the Kinesiology building where I was to observe these student dancers. There was about 20 students with an even number of males and females. Kazumi was teaching her students a basic Salsa routine with a few twists ant turns. I came to the beginning class of the Salsa club where I saw some talented dancers. Just seeing the routine to me without any experience of dance scares me. I give props to these students who dance for the love and culture. Kazumi went step by step to the routine she presented. She showed every student what they were doing wrong in order to correct their mistakes. The clip above shows some of what I saw while I was there. It was fun to sit and observe this class. The Salsa Club provides students with cheap prices compared to those in the real world. It also gives them many opportunities to experience others types of dance like Bachata. I hope the Salsa Club continues to grow and make people fall in love with dance. 


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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