Hi, my name is Ruth and I am currently in my last semester at CSUF! I am super excited about graduating and this Chicano Studies course will be the last three units of my undergrad career. My Bachelor’s degree will be in Public Administration and I currently hold my Associate’s degree in Biology. My career goal is to get involved in the environmental world. So if you know someone; please feel free to let me know about your connections. A few interesting facts about me are that I’m a Mexican-vegetarian, I trained for a full marathon in three weeks (and no, I don’t think that running is a white thing; there are a lot of Hispanics that run and are very good at it) and I’ve done my share of many half marathons, I can pop my belly button out, I once gave myself a black-eye at the bar, and I use to have a pet duck named Mr. Hahn. I, like many girls enjoys shopping, although I must say, I have a problem. I tend to get “shoppers remorse,” quite often. Let me tell you something, it’s not a good thing… In fact, yesterday I purchased a pair of sandals and heels on sale at Off Broadway Shoes. I was ecstatic that I had found some old-lady looking hiking sandals on sale for $64 with an additional 20% off, only to discover that on Amazon they were $40. As far as the heels go, I paid for $40 only to discover that they were $14 online. So what did I end up doing? I returned everything and repurchased it again. This has become a bad habit of mine. I LOVE STORE CREDIT! The blog that I enjoy reading is called Beauty Broadcast. It’s a great blog for women who enjoy purchasing cosmetics at drug-stores and at higher end cosmetic stores like Sephora. Emily, the women who writes the blog even enjoys inexpensive products like NYX and Wet n Wild products. She includes many different tutorial on how to do your eye make-up and reviews all kinds of products. It’s a fun place to find the latest product reviews.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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