Hi All,

My name is Melyssa DelaCruz, and I am a graduating senior at California State University, Fullerton. I am a psychology major by day, and pizza slinger by night. Should you ever need a shoulder to cry on, or an interesting take on Italian food, I am your girl. Similarly, I am very happy to say I will be joining all of you on this journey toward Chicano-centric, cultural enlightenment. While I am sure that few of you can say you ventured to this site hoping to be enlightened, I can assure you that our updates will do just that.

On an unrelated note, I would like to introduce myself to you through a series of blogs that I follow. In an age filled with wires and screens, it would only make sense to communicate my interests to you through a collection of blogs that keep me up to date on topics which interest me. Unlike my fellow authors, I have chosen to focus on a specific website whose blog submissions are quite unlike those of other blogging websites, or as you may know it — tumblr. Conceptually, the ability to submit up-to-the-minute thoughts and information is equal to that of any other outlet, but combines the concept of “like”-ing from Facebook and the visual aesthetics of Flickr or any other photography related site. Through tumblr. a member can follow blogs focused on things as simple as doctored pictures depicting Paula Deen taking a ride on unconventional things, or even updates via the U.S. Department of the State. By liking a submission, it is automatically added to your own blog, as an indication to your readers that you have a wide array of interests (while providing links to other blogs with whom they may also have similar hobbies).

Paula Deen Riding a Kitten!

Also, like the feeds of other social networks, those blogs you follow will appear on your personal home page (or dashboard) as they are updated by the authors. So, as friends on Facebook would have their posts or picture updates appear on your feed, the newest blog posts appear on your dashboard.


On my own, I am kept up-to-date on topics which range from political movements to my favorite movie fandom…

The first, and probably most socially acceptable would be the LA Times.

Despite the relatively light topics covered in most blogs on tumblr., news outlets and politicians have most recently begun utilizing the ever-growing member base. With their regular posts and lighter coverage of topics available on their website and paper, I truly appreciate the connection it builds across all of my most visited websites. I take comfort in knowing that, regardless of what page I am indulging in, I am sure to be kept up-to-date on important current and local events.


Next, having been born in San Diego and raised with a deep-set love for my city of origin, I was compelled to follow a blog with casual updates and pictures from San Diego.

One of SEVERAL posts submitted to the Thisissandiego blog. — A California burrito, no greater source of pride to a true San Diegan.

Everything about San Diego is home for me. Whether it be skating on the boardwalk or camping on fiesta island, I consider every grain of sand to be a part of a big beautiful picture. I love the people and the whole world, as long as I am looking at it from the coast of San Diego.


Now, I am admitting a passion which does not shame me, but could potentially give you cause for mocking me. I only hope that you recognize my fanatical following of Harry Potter as a salute to my generation and a love for hopeless creativity in something magical.

A very common type of photo posted on the Harry Potter fan blog. Admittedly more intense fans enjoy posts in which the actors are still portrayed as being friends, but I am quite aware that they were just movies. Don't worry.

I don’t have much to say on the topic of Harry Potter, except that I truly did love the series. I am a fan, and I guess the first step is admitting it…


Also, as an extremely right-minded person (right, directionally speaking…although I would often argue that my summations and arguments are correct), I have always had a passion for drawing. I avidly sketch and draw whenever the opportunity is presented, and I am a huge fan of the artwork shown through this drawing blog.

An artwork added to the Eat Sleep Draw collection of submissions

Lastly, I would like to discuss the oh-so-addicting option of following mere topics. That’s right! You can ignore all the opinionated riff raff out in cyber world, and focus on the hyper specific interests you have. By typing in a tag, or word/phrase, which interests you, a series of submissions will be shown, directing you to the exact updates people write which would pertain to your liking. In doing so, you can avoid following a certain blog, and focus on your favorite hobby, car, or even color!

Some of the tags that I am currently following!


I hope that you’ve developed a better understanding of the tumblr. world, and that you have a better idea of who I am. While I am more complex than a drawing, book reading, Paula Deen fan, I do think that the aspects of the blog have been appropriately displayed through my quirky interests.

Please feel free to leave comments, questions, or ideas for future Chicano related topics below!



About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Im not really a tumblr user, though i do have a blog there. I find that on tumblr, ppl follow ppl easier than they do here.

    • ocbarrios says:

      That is definitely the case.
      It’s a good thing, and a difficult thing. If you follow too many people, your dashboard could become overwhelming. But, if the more you follow, the more insight you’ll get into your favorite shows, people, and hobbies.
      I hope you can start enjoying tumblr. more now!


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