Greetings mujeres and caballeros! My name is Ana Ramirez.

My little ray of sunshine, my daughter Sol.

I am currently a senior at CSUF. I graduate this May with a major in Latin American Studies. I have plans to attend law school, if accepted and pass the bar exam (I hear is deadly), I plan to work in the field of immigration. I am an immigrant myself from Guadalajara Jalisco.

If you have never heard Chente sing “Guadalajara”, you have not lived! I get the chills every time I hear this song. Check it out!


Four years ago I was given a black kitten, I named him zero. Over the years my family has butchered his name from zero, chivis to chivo. I decided chivo fits his personality. I am growing extremely jealous of him, he sleeps more than 10 hours a day, eats, and lays by the window all day gazing into the LA skyline. He never gets a case of the Mondays, and loves the occasional rub down.

Zero, aka "Chivo" waking up from his 3 hour nap.


Here are some of news sources I tend to access on a weekly basis.

  •  The Militant, a weekly newspaper that has been around since 1928, below is an image of the side of the building where the newspaper use to be published.

    Pathfinder Press Mural, NYC

  • I find NPR to be quite informative, although I rather listen to the morning radio broadcast than read the news online. I think my infatuation with Tom and Ray from Cartalk is a bit unhealthy. There is not a week that goes by that I miss the show. (ok that’s an exaggeration). But I feel like I know more about cars thanks to them.
  • Another very unique news source I tend to visit is aljazeera. I love their coverage of the middle east. I am not particularly fond of their Latin American coverage, it tends to be a bit too bias.

For interesting reading and sometimes pure boredom I turn to sites like geekfeminism, slate, and once in a blue moon bitchmagazine.

That’s enough for today! For everyone’s sake (specially for Profesor Gustavo) I hope to get better at this and not put anyone to sleep!

Hasta pronto!


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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