My name is Marco Ruiz and I am a senior at Cal State Fullerton. If all goes well I will be graduating this semester with my bachelor degree in criminal justice. I would like to become a probation officer, and I am currently a volunteer with the Los Angeles County probation department.  I also have a passion for Hip-Hop and modifying cars. I like to be hands on with my cars, and look in to several blogs for information on how to do something or if I’m looking for parts. A great blog that has abundant information and I frequently visit is Club Lexus . Here I find information on how to change things on my car, and events that are going to be occurring. Another blog that I frequently visit to get new on what is occurring on the music seen is Ambrosia For Heads. This blog mainly focuses on underground hip-hop and Mcs, not so much mainstream hip-hop.  When it comes to getting more serious information I visit great blog that was created by one of my professors Julius Wachtel (Jay) who is a retired A.T.F agent. The blog is Police Issues and has great information regarding issues occurring in law enforcement and criminal justice. Other than that I obtain my news and information is from the daily news, and I always pick up the Daily Titan when I’m on campus.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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