Please allow me to introduce myself, I’ve been called many things but most commonly by Eric Pomers. I grew up in Orange County California, born by my mother Corrienena Espinoza and my father Albert Pomers, in hospital named St Josephs in Orange. I graduated high school from Valencia high school in Placentia while I attended I  played baseball and really had no direction about where my life was going. I liked to party and hang out with my close friends. When I started going to college I first went to Fullerton college and it was a disaster in the beginning. I wasn’t able to concentrate because of the shock of I’m not in high school anymore, all the females walking around, parties, you know typical distractions or what makes college so appealing, well besides getting an education and learning about interesting subject matter. During my first year at Fullerton College I was approached by a marine recruiter and my dumb-ass actually signed up…I didn’t realize that mistake until the second day of boot camp laying in the bed thinking, “what did I do?”. But I eventually got out and looking back it wasn’t that bad and instilled a lot of good habits as well as bad ones. So I ended up getting my A.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Science and was accepted to Cal State University of Fullerton and I’m currently studying Public Administration.

In today’s world, news is all around us, I mostly get my news or info about what’s going on from my phone. I rarely read a traditional newspaper,  if I do happen to pick one up its either USA Today or The Register. I must admit that I’m constantly checking out things on my phone and for news it no different, the most common news apps on my phone are: CNN, Washington Post, OC weekly, RT news and Al Jezzera. While searching on the web, I get it mostly from yahoo and Facebook. On Facebook I think its cool cause you can like certain organizations and then they usually post articles about certain subjects, some of those consist or Marines, OC weekly (again), Political loud mouth, Center of Rehabilitative Excellence, the daily titan. The list can really go on and on.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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