Hey, there everyone! Let me start off by saying that this will be my first time ever writing a blog, and as simple as it may seem, I have no clue where to start. First, of I am Julian a Criminal Justice student at CSUF and can honestly say I am enjoying the glorious college years. Some background info about me is that like many people out there, we are not as we may seem. Coming from a Mexican household I can honestly say it has been quite an experience for the past twenty one years. My family, which I value very much is composed of la gritona de mi madre, my dad Sergio, one of my grandmothers, and la loca de mi hermana Jasa. My family and I currently reside in Norwalk, Ca. We use to live in Maywood, Ca, but had move because of a family dispute.

"On the way to visit myself"

Like many individuals the world wide web is a way of life, and without it we would probably turn into “toothpaste”. I am not the biggest reader of blogs, but below are some ways I get my information.

 LA Weekly,  much like the OC Weekly this site is an array of various types of information. Since, I was raised more in LA county this is perhaps why I tend to use this more often, but great source information if you want to get a good laugh, know who is playing, and what is going on in news. Below is an image for the Occupy Movement that was set for yesterday afternoon, which would protest the big money in political corruption.

The 99%...strikes again.

Most of my other information tends to come from more common places, which include MSNBC, and the ever so popular CNN. When I am not looking to catch up on current news, I am like most individuals and enjoy either listening to music on Pandora or watching an episode of Parks and Recreation on Hulu. Below I have posted a video highlighting the fact that I am a really big Jazz and Blues junkie. Hopefully, you guys enjoy reading what I rant about, and feel free to comment or give any suggestions. See you later, Alligator!!!


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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