I will be interviewing Araceli Priego she is 22 years old and is a student at cypress college. Born and raised in Orange county she was raised… lives for summer, sun and naps on the beach

Q: Who was the best cook in your extended family

A: Araceli explain the there are two best cooks in the family, one live in her family’s home town in Puebla Mexico and the other lives in Orange county. Both of them are her Tias, Tia Socorro y Tia Flora. When there’s a big family party they mass produces mole rojo, enough to feed 200 people for two days

Q: Why?

A: They are both sisters, Araceli explain, they both were taught to cook by her grandmother.

Q:What was your favorite meal growing up

A: Posole!!!! Exclaimed Araceli, and tamales de Rez, pollo con chile verde y tamales de regalo (thats sweet raisin tamales) basically everything that is served during the holidays are her favorite foods.

Q: Who prepared it?

A: My mom, she’s a good cook too but she doesn’t like too cook for all the relatives only for her kids

Q: When was the first time your had food outside of your culture

A: My mom took me and my siblings to Carl’s jr ever since I can remember, we didn’t have a car so every weekend to took the bus to church then to the swap meet of Anaheim and end the day ay Carl’s to get our cheese burgers and toys. Other than that I remember having Chinese food with friends during high school, I began to receive more freedom to explore the town I live in with friend and I began to try new food from other cultures and I haven’t stopped since.

Q: Did you enjoy it?

A: Yes i did, it was nothing like I thought it would be, I always heard that chinese food was weird but I believe that the only reason they said that was because they’ve never tried it themselves.

 Q: What type of food was it-

A: Chinese food

Q:Where is your favorite restaurant-

A:  my favorite restaurant is an Italian restaurant called Maggiano’s little Italy, a little pricy but u get a bang for your buck. There’s a special menu where u pick your entree and u  pick a second dish, to go for free xD!!

Where is it located

A: at South Coast Plaza

Q: Whats your favorite dish there

A: Mozzarella sticks, but there not sticks at Maggianos there more like flat bricks, and super delicious!

Q: Why do you think mex food is so popular

A: Because its flavorful, with a little bit of spice, it can be eaten in different way on a tostada, in a burrito or a taco

Q: Whats your favorite mex restaurant-

A: my favorite Mexican restaurant is on Orangewood and Dale I forgot the name but it’s every authentic, my mom loves it there too because the mole reminds her of her mothers food and thats something she won’t find anywhere else.

Q: How do you like your tacos

A: Beef, Soft shell tacos with salsa verde and cilantro, no onions, I’m not a fan of onion.

Q: Where do you get them

A: I have a neighbor that makes tacos on the weekend in his backyard, no he’s not license to sell food but you get to see everything he does, and I work in restaurants and I know food safety and he does a good job and makes tasty tacos


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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