Hello I’m Marco Ruiz. For this week’s assignment I interviewed My girlfriend. Her name is Griselda Sandoval, and lives in Norwalk Ca. She had a great time helping me out with the assignment, and would like to thank her for her help. I asked her a few questions that we discussed the past class, and some other follow questions.

 Q: who was the best cook in your extended family?

A:My stop step mom is the best cook.

Q: What your favorite dish she makes

A: I don’t know the name, but its Chicken with vegetables wrapped in aluminum foil, cooked in vapor.

Q: what was your favorite meal growing up?

A: Sopa the fideo when I was little, my mom used to make it all the time for me.

 Q: Is it still your favorite?

A: No its not, not anymore I think I grew out of it.

Q: What your favorite now?

A: Enchiladas de mole.

Q: How often do you eat the?

A: whenever I feel like cooking them, or if my mom decides to make them.

Q: When was the first time you had food outside your culture?

A: I was 15 it was sauerkraut baked chicken, it was southern food

Q: Did you like it?

A: Yes it was delicious my friends mom use to cook it for us when we used to come home from school.

Q: What’s your favorite food outside your culture now.

A: I really like Japanese food; I enjoy eating Sushi and Shabu Shabu.

Q: Where is your favorite restaurant?

A: Veracruz Mexican restaurant, because I have been going there since I was little.

Q: Whats your favorite dish from there?

A: Taquito plate, it is flautas served with a side salad beans and rice.

Q: why do you think  Mexican food is so popular?

A: Because its simple and easy to mak, and it taste really good.

Q: How do you like your tacos?

A: With everything on them.

Q: What  is your favorite type of taco?

A: my el pastor

Q: Where do you get your favorite tacos?

A:  From a local food truck that parks’ in the afternoons in Whittier


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