Hello All, I interviewed Gaby.

Who was the best cook in your extended family? Gaby’s mom was her best cook because she cooked like her grandma.

What was your favorite meal growing up? Her favorite meal was salmon because her mother prepared it with seasoning like her grandmother traditional cooking.

When was the first time you had food outside of your culture? At age 8, Gaby had middle eastern food and she enjoyed it very much especially the pork.

What was your favorite restaurant? Gaby’s favorite restaurant was Chomp’s located in Fullerton California. She liked the sushi rolls.

Why do you think Mexican food is so popular? It has a lot of different style flavored and spices food plates. Gaby’s favorite plate is the carne asada with rice and beans and a Horchata drink.

What is your favorite Mexican Restaurant? Mario Fiesta Maya is Gaby’s favorite restaurant because they make delicious sea food.

How do you like your tacos? Gaby likes her tendered carne asada with silantro, onions, and green salsa (tomatillo).

Where do you buy your tacos at? Gaby buys her tacos from Taqueria De Anda.






About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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