Hello Everyone,
For our first assignments I interviewed my boyfriend Noel Huerta. I thought I knew him pretty well but I ended up finding some very awesome stories about his family that I never heard before. Not to mention had a to try his uncles famous tacos :p

Q: Who was the best cook in your extended family, what made them the best cook to you?
A: My uncle is the best cook in my entire family and may I add I have a huge family. He enjoyed cooking for everyone. We didnt have to ask he did it with a lot of love. We knew every time we visit him we sure were going to come out with a full belly.

Q:What was your favorite meal growing up? What memories makes it your favorite.
A: I would have to say pizza for sure.I remember growing up with all my cousin we would all collect money and pitch in order some pizzas and watch TV.If my mom allowed me I would have had pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Q: When was the first time you had food outside your culture?
A:I think the first time was Chinese Food a restaurant by my house. I really didnt want to try it but once I did I loved it. Till this day its my favorite spot to get Chinese.

Q:Where is your favorite restaurant? Where is it located and do you have a particular dish you order?
A:My favorite restaurant is Olive Garden, I love Italian food> Everything is goo there I can just order salad and breadsticks and Im a happy man. However I do order the tour of Italy all the time it has a variety of all my favorites in one dish.

Q:Why do you think Mexican food is so popular, what is your favorite authentic Mexican restaurant?
A:I dont think that Mexican food is that popular but the reason their is alot of Mexican restaurants is because we leave in a hispanic community dont get me wrong I love authentic mexican food but nothing tops my uncles food I havent found a restaurant that can yet.

Q: How do you like your tacos?
A: “Babe you know this answer” A good taco consist of a great salsa. You cant have tacos with out your authentic mexican salsa,the secret to any good tacos.

After talking about food so much my boyfriend and I became very hungry so being the lovely boyfriend that he is, he made me his uncles special tacos. My I say he wasnt kidding his uncle must be a great cook, he taught him well .


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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