Hello, my name is Roberto Ramirez and for my interview on “The Best Cook”, I interview my friend Lily who I’ve known since high school.  The following interview took place on February 20, 2012 as she made her way to school in San Bernardino. 

Q:  Who is the best cook in your family?

A:  I would have to say my mother is the best cook in the family, I believe she’s the best because she has always been the family’s main cook.  I guess I’m just use to eating her food and she has always seemed to have the right authentic Mexican taste to her food.

Q:  What is your favorite Mexican dish?

A:  My favorite Mexican dish is Pozole.  My mom typically makes it from pork, but the seasoning used makes the corn grains be very delicious. 

Q:  What is your first experience eating ethnic food?

A:  My first experience eating something besides Mexican food was when I went to a Salvadorean Restaurant located in the Huntington Park area.  The first thing that I ordered was pupusas.   They are very delicious because everything is hand made.  I love this place so much, I’ve been going there for at least 15 years.

Q:  Which is your favorite Mexican Food Restaurant?

A:  My favorite restaurant is King Taco.  King Taco always has the best carne asada burritos.  They are very delicious when they are drenched in hot salsa. 

Q:  Why do you like this restaurant?

A:  I like this restaurant for the good food and because they are easily available to get to all around Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire.

Q:  Why do you believe Mexican Food is very popular?

A:  I’m not sure why Mexican food is very popular, but probably because the food is offered in many different locations and a lot of the Mexican dishes are very spicy and many people tend to like spicy food.

Q:  What kind of tacos do you like and what do you like on them?

A:  I like carne asada tacos.  I do not like to add cilantro or onions but I like “cotija cheese” and green salsa.  They are very good, better than any other option available. 


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