Hey whats up its Ramon again and for this weeks blog I got the chance to interview my wonderful and adorable wifey kerrina 🙂 When I told her I was interviewing her she said (“omg are you serious!”) and I replied yeah Im serious, so then I began the interview…

Q: Who was the best cook in your extended family and why were they?

A: I would have to say my Grandmother because growing up she was the one that always made the food. What I loved most about it was waking up and smelling the wonderful scent coming from the kitchen…. she will always be remembered as a great cook R.I.P.

Q: What was your favorite meal growing up? Who prepared it?

A. Well I would have to say, growing up it was Mushroom Gravy! It was one of the first real solid food I ate when I was growing up,  my grandmother would be the one to prepare the food and I would always be the first one in the kitchen ready to eat with a big smile on my face.

"Not exactly this one but close"

Q: When was the first time you had food outside of your culture?

A:  Well I don’t  really know how to answer that. Growing up  my grandmother would always make home made mexican food that was the best. If I really have to answer, I would have to say I was about 16  when I had chinese food and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. But nothing beats having home made Mexican food.

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant?

A:  Well that’s easy! North Woods Inn’s. OMG thats the best steak place anybody could ever have its so yummy, it’s my all time favorite place to eat….I 100% love North Woods Inn’s.

Best Steak House Ever!!!!!!

Q: Why do you think mexican food is so popular?

A: I think mexican restaurants are most popular because there are a lot more latinos today then there were back then. “I don’t Know” Its just GOOD!

Q: Whats your favorite Mexican Restaurant?

A:I would have to say Casa Jimenez. It’s one of my favorite restaurants and its located in Pomona. I love to eat there combination plate; it’s a big juicy burrito with rice,beans,red sauce, cheese and carne asada. Yummy yummy in my big tummy.

Q: How do you like your tacos?

A: I love my tacos with cilantro, meat, rice, sour cream and lemon.  Can’t go wrong with any of that in your taco.

Im Hungry Now 🙂

Q: Where do  you get your tacos?

A: I get my tacos anywhere that says tacos. I love to eat them so where ever I can buy tacos I’m there as long as its not Taco Bell 🙂

Q: Would you recommend someone?

A: I would recommend  someone but I have to admit the best tacos are the ones that are home made ;).


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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