Hello all.  For this week’s interviewing assignment, I couldn’t think of who to interview.  Unfortunately, because I forgot I was scheduled to work today, and the post is due today for me, I was limited to a few options, my brother and my dad, or so I thought.  It then occured to me, hey, “kids are people too.”  So for this week, I interviewed my 10-year-old sister Vanessa (girl on the right).

Knowing how smart she is,  I can tell that some of her responses were fabricated, but it made for a fun interview.   I was laughing as I conducted this interview, so I hope you all enjoy reading it.

Armando Cortez: First of all, thank you for your time Vane.  Now, who was/is the best cook in your extended family?

Vanessa Cortez: My mom.  Then it’s Hugo (brother).  Then it’s you (me), then it’s Papi, then it’s me, then it’s Cris (Crystal-sister).  Is that what you wanted?  Is that what you meant?

 AC: Yeah, that’s fine.  Why do you say your mom is the best cook?

VC: She cooks more things and um, I like how it tastes too, because sometimes my other members of the family overcook the food or undercook the food.


AC: By other members of the family, who are you talking about specifically?

VC: Well, undercooks it is Paaaapi *elongates word, and most of the time who overcooks it’s Hugo.


AC: What was your favorite meal growing up?

VC: I would say tacos.  MEXICAN tacos, with the soft tortilla.


AC: Why do you say Mexican tacos, aren’t all tacos Mexican?

VC: Well yeah, but it’s just that I like them specifically because I like the meat.


AC: What do you mean you like them meat?

VC: It’s like, it’s just good.  It’s better than the other kinds of meets.


AC: By other kinds of meat, do you mean like taco bell kind of meat?

VC: Yeah!


AC: When was the first time you had food outside of your culture?

VC: Oh 1st grade, no Kinder, because I started to have like school food.


AC: Do you like school food?

VC: Not really, most of the time it’s nasty. *Cringes face.  *Giggles.  I like some but not all.


AC: Like which ones?

VC: The one’s that I like? *Lights up.  I like chicken nuggets, chicken hamburgers, and teriyaki chicken.


AC: So is chicken your favorite?

VC: Yeah.


AC: Why is chicken your favorite?

VC: Because it kinda tastes like chicken nuggets and they’re good because it’s usually better than the others.


AC: How about the foods from school you don’t like, which ones are those?

VC: The ones I don’t like?  Piiiiza, grilled cheeeese.  *elongates words.  OH! *excited. The things that I like, calzone, pizza calzone.


AC: I thought you said you didn’t like pizza.

VC: Nooo, I like calzone but I don’t like the pizza pizza.


AC: What’s different about it?

VC: It has more bread, more cheese, good quality sauce, and pepperoni.  And then the other pizzas are all brown and mushy.


AC: Where is your favorite restaurant?

VC: Hometown Buffet. *Face lights up.


AC: Why is it your favorite restaurant?

VC: Because it has different kinds of foods, and it’s good quality. Oh!  And you can get as much as you want.


AC: What do you usually get at hometown buffet?

VC: Ok so first, my first course is pizza, fries, and macaroni.  And then my second course is dessert, mostly ice cream and like brownies.  And my last course is usually fruit, like jello, cucumbers, and melons.


AC: What’s your favorite ice cream?

VC: My favorite ice cream?  Chocolate, with hot fudge, nuts, and, marshmallows and brownies.


AC: All that on your ice cream?

VC: Yeah! Why?  I love chocolate! *Lights up.


AC: It isn’t too sweet with everything mixed together.

VC: No.


AC: Why do you think Mexican food is so popular?

VC: Because there’s a lot of Mexicans in the U.S.  Come on Mandito,  you know it’s true, especially in California.


AC: Are you a Mexican living in California?

VC: Yeees! (patronizing)


AC: Was that a dumb question?

VC: Yeeees! *Giggles.  Very dumb.


AC: How do you liked your tacos?
VC: Uum, warm. *Laughs.  De asada, and limon, and with tortilla.


AC: Are you being a smart mouth?
VC: Yeeeah! *Giggles.


AC: So really, you like your tacos with only carne de asada and limon?

VC: Weeeell *elongates, I do like it, well it’s my most favorite but I do enjoy other kinds too.

AC: Like what?

VC: Likeee *elongates, um, like regular chicken, chorizo, and I don’t know, other kinds.


AC: What do you mean regular chicken?

VC: Like, um, like, just um, chicken that’s cut into pieces, but the chicken’s cooked!!!!


AC: So if KFC chicken is cut into pieces and put into a tortilla, would you like those kinds of tacos?

VC: NO! *very stern.  I only like Mexican chicken.


AC: You’re giving me gold vane.

VC: If you get an A, you’re welcome.


AC: But what do you mean Mexican chicken?

VC: Like chickens from Mexico that they sell at Mexican stores.


AC: So you think that the chicken that our family, and all Mexican families eat come from Mexico?

VC: No.  Because some chickens are born here.


AC: Are you trying to be funny or you really think that?

VC: I’m being serious.  *Giggles.  Because some of the chickens grow here in the U.S.


AC: One more question, did you enjoy doing this interview?

VC: Yeees! *smiling.  It’s like a movie script.


AC: Thank you Vane.  You were good help.

As you can tell, interviewing a child has its advantages and disadvantages.  Kids really DO say the darndest things, but with that, you might not get a full straight answer from a child.  Still, I enjoyed conducting this interview.  Until next time.

– Armando Cortez.


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